Natural Wooden Parrot Swing - giftsforrpets
Natural Wooden Parrot Swing - giftsforrpets
Natural Wooden Parrot Swing - giftsforrpets

Natural Wooden Parrot Swing

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 Key Features:

  • Birds parrot wooden perch beads natural with colorful samoyed stuffed animal parrot bagels canary nest under dollars pack keys items seagrass pinata that natural macaw table chain steel pleasures disco electric stainless electronic shoes India easter grey
  • Toy hanging bells wooden toys birds bird perch bass fly toddlers planet swing macaws bells lovebirds house conure food Japanese coconut ball hoop foraging themed kids leather bird calcium multipack African conures shredder cheap hang blocks
  • Natural bells swing beads hanging cage colorful with wood toy stuff ladder sticks basketball exercise jelly clearance bundle popsicle made Indian parakeet sale cockatiel cats look balls parrots dollar small rings toys medium playground sneakers rope


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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews

The swing to the sverdlovsk region came in 3 weeks, everything, plastic balls, parrot really like


The swing is small, for a wavy parrot fit. Ordered 2 pcs. Because the parrot will gnaw a wooden stick.


Cute exact size, could be a little bigger since only one autralino parakeet comes in. But if i like me


Excellent toy for parrot. delivery to chelyabinsk 3 weeks.


Swing came in a simple package. I took it at the post office. The design when sending bent, but it is easy to fix. Goes on the hook (quite uncomfortable). Plastic beads, bright. I liked it. With interest play with bells.